Designing a bedroom is so much fun, imagine all the different styles, color schemes, furniture and accents one can choose. The most important piece of furniture is the bed, which is the focal point of the room. Designer headboards can be your style statement, there are a lot of interesting ways to keep it practical, comfortable as well as super stylish.

The headboard design collection I have here are a mix of traditional, modern, eclectic and unique and a few really easy do it yourself ideas to help you decide and design your own. A new headboard can really transform the look of the entire bedroom, traditional as well as modern.

 Love this modern colorful and bright headboard. Perfect to add the pop of color to a simple bedroom. Very fun and easy to do it yourself :)

Get a chalkboard or chalkboard paint for an easy and practical solution for a unique headboard. I think its perfect for kids room, low height and easy to keep them busy. My fav of the lot!

Stylish and elegant. It provides that extra awesome quotient to an otherwise barren room. Modern and minimalist, shelves are so practical and very tastefully done.

Do it yourself are my favorites, this headboard is such a stunner, extra slats hung up and beautiful stenciled or hand painted design to cheer up the entire place. Simple and elegant.

Love reading in bed, this provides extra support with beautiful french cottage detailing. The padded cushion can be changed to different the year round to keep it interesting. Cost effective and really pretty.

Shabby chic and so pretty. Sometimes all one needs is a little pretty thing to jazz up the place. The sting of hearts is so cute for a special occasion or for a teen room. Easy craft for you.

What a fantastic way to use a vintage embroidered sheet. It add the folklorish elegance and compliments the entire gypsy boho setting so well. Great way to display and enjoy a vintage pretty sheet.

What a genius way to recycle shutter planes. The windows are so pretty in the setting, at no cost upcycle your vintage blinds for a fantastic headboard. Very cool indeed.

Love this bedroom design. The headboard is simply a rug tied to the vintage shabby bed rail for an instant makeover. The fun part is that you can keep changing the rugs to create new color schemes. Love !!!

The headboard is so awesome. It is the focal point in the room. Silky and bouncing off the sunshine, it is pretty and practical for the support it offers. Great idea for a vintage bedroom decor.

Recycle your old window into a creative headboard. Its simple and pretty. Love the swatches of paper behind it. It can be changed in a snap to create different looks. Perfect for beach theme. 

This is such a charming composition. Lovely memories framed for a beautiful accent. It is easy to create and looks uncluttered and very pretty. Another do it yourself here.


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