4th of July is coming soon. The long weekend means having friends over, waiting for the parade and staying up night to watch the fireworks. The day is special and there are a lot of ideas and crafty stuff floating around. Hosting a picnic or a barbecue, having loved ones over, give them a surprise and do something special. There are lots of ideas here which are easy and fun!

The colors for the day are Blue and Red. Most of the ideas here are from Martha Stewart's. Check out some really cool holiday ideas at her site. The simple flags, buntings and paper lanterns are easy crafty for kids and you. Get into the spirit of the occasion and decorate the frills and flags.

Super cute red & blue garland for July 4th. Folded fans put up as bunting to ring in the festive air.

 Such an inviting gazebo decorated for the July 4th celebration.  Imagine spending summer afternoon here and then watching the fireworks at night. I love it!

 Excited kids waiting for the Independence day celebration? Imagine how cool this would look! Picture your kids squealing with delight yet :)

 Super easy and pretty stars fluttering in the wind. How cute is that! check out Martha Stewart for instructions.

 Paper lanterns on a garland. Pretty decoration to hang over the garden for a festive look. Super darling!

 Really darling holiday wreath. Fold lots of paper stars and pinning them together on a round base.

Yummy treats on a hot summer afternoon. Beautiful tricolor Popsicle for the special July 4th holiday.

 Blue and red prevail!! The fans are functional as well as decorative. Try it as a fun party favor.

Another good idea for table setting. Recycle and reuse. Fold a pretty cap/crown and decorate with red and blue :-)

 Fireworks in the night on 4th oh July is known. How about fireworks on the lunch table too! Pretty cool huh?

 Table setting for the occasion. Simple stars theme with blue and red details. Super pretty 4th of July.

 Easy peasy impressive centerpieces. Colored sand in wine glasses make super stylish votive holders. Love!

 Drinks so inviting after a day out watching parade or spending time barbecuing outside. Love the sparkling colors!!

 July 4th, beautiful picnic inspiration. Red, blue, and the beautiful setting. Awesome idea for day out.

Try out some of these craft ideas, make a little effort and you will love the compliments and admiration. Kids specially love holidays and crafts are a good way to keep them occupied. Build memories they will cherish forever!


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