Thanksgiving is a family event and what better way to celebrate then to make some crafts! Popular for thanksgiving, there are so many ways to many adorable cute turkey. Kids love craft, here are some fun, easy and inexpensive craft ideas for this holiday. Enjoy making these!

 Turkey crafted with balls of wool and paper on drinking straw!! Simple and gorgeous idea for a table centerpiece. Love the 'I am thankful for..'

This adorable bread basket makeover is an easy craft for little hands. Card stock and colorful bits and spangles. Transform a boring basket with this fun craft. Love the use of a red balloon too.

Easy turkey craft for Thanksgiving! Cut old cereal boxes and let kids glue them on. Love the random colorful bits. No cost craft!!

Use pine cones and pipe cleaners to make this funny little turkey. It looks easy enough with simple dollar store supplies. It makes for great gifts for doting aunts and grandparents too.

Turkey table decoration craft. Marta Stewart has this charming family of turkey idea. Felt, pom poms and a glue gun is all you need.

There are a few craft ideas for thanksgiving here. The festoon/banner with 'Give Thanks' made of glued on beans, wheat and corn etc.

The boat table centerpiece to represent the boat on which the pilgrims came and thank giving thoughts and names written in metallic pen on fall leaves.

Easy decorative craft idea for door steps and hallway decoration. Glitter pumpkins, inexpensive way to jazz up the celebration. Kids love anything glittery and this will surely be a hit!

Older kids could surely pull off these gorgeous pumpkin designs. Draw in pencil for easy directions.

A beautiful and instant makeover for your doorway. These glittering pumpkin are absolutely festive and fun!

Corn made with pop corns and construction paper! Kids will have a good time not just making this but even sneaking some into their mouth :)

Crafts are a great way to celebrate holidays. Its a good exercise in focus and team spirit and brings so much pride and joy too. Get crafty to celebrate this Thanksgiving with family!


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