Designing bathroom for kids can be a interesting project. The two most important aspect are 'fun' and 'safety'. Teens and kids have their favourite themes, characters and choices and designing their bathroom around it would make them feel so special. Include bright cheerful colors to invigorate the ambiance.

One highly recommended tip is to keep the walls and cabinetry neutral, or toned down. It would be easier to change theme and decorations as kids mature and preference changes. Include colorful bath curtains, decals, mirrors and mats in bright colors that pop and enliven the space.

Jungle theme kids bathroom idea all done in pastels and just the right amount of blue for boy's bath. Love the decal/hand-painted motifs on the wall. It just ties the look perfectly!

Frilly, flowery and so girly! This bathroom is popping with bright colors. I love the many diy craft projects in it. Modpodge an old mirror with matching fabric. Hot glue frilly lace on light scones, sew them on towels and the Best one, stitch some scattered silken rose petals on the shower curtain! 

Every kid goes through LEGO phase! This kids bath has red-white-blue color combination. The only accent color is yellow in the scattered Lego pieces. Simple yet fun :)

This is a good design for teen bathroom. Elegant and sophisticated yet girly with bows. An unusual striped wall is the focal interest and the rest of the accessories ties up for a tidy elegance.

Black and white is a rather over powering combination for a kids bathroom. But bring in a cute zebra and its a bathroom transformed. Beautiful, clever use of decals and accents can make all the difference!

I heart this yellow rubber ducky themed bathroom! The neutral wall and cabinetry makes allowance for future transformations. Ducky shower curtain, step stool and mat clearly makes it a kids room.

Teens love to have everything personalized! This Hawaiian themed bathroom is really a neat idea. Use wall decals and some colorful bath fixtures for a beautiful girls bathroom. Simplify :c)

Uber modern and elegant! This maybe for the teen in you or a young adult. The details are breath taking. Very feminine yet not over the top. Love the fine balance!

This a little sailor's dream come true! Nautical themed bathroom for kids. Absolutely love all the details. The boat bath caddy, lighthouse on the window, ropes accent on window valance. Each detail is immaculate!

Rustic themed, cabin decor bathroom for little ones! There are many wildlife details that have been used with so much tought. Perfect for shabby rustic look. Chic country style.

Underwater theme is one of kid's favorite! Easy to decorate, looks for curtains, accessories and decals to complete this transformation. Light on budget and kids will love to spend time in this awesome space!

Kid's space has always been my favorite!! Love how it can be colorful, imaginative and yet not overpowering. Do not go overboard when decorating, safety first always but delight your little ones with a bathroom designed specially for them. Custom decals and accessories is all you may need to cheer up their space. Inspired yet?! :c)


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