As kids grow, they change in so many ways. Their living space should reflect their personalities and choices. Take time to find out how they spend time, their hobbies and likes. There are so many ways to provide them with a bedroom design that not only is pretty but more importantly has details to make their daily life more fun!

Self expression is so important, let them choose colors they like, include ideas for storage and space to display their art and photos. This post has so many decor ideas that might help you get started in designing your kids room.

Nature lover girl's bedroom decor. Beautiful tree decal and wire flower frames to pin up photos. A cheerful color scheme and lots of storage space. Gorgeous teen bedroom!

Canopy bed are such a delicate addition to any bedroom. This teen bedroom is so chic and cheerful.  To recreate get different sized frames for cheap and create a memory wall!

Unusual olive green and coral look so refreshing! Push a low dresser against the bed, remove some drawers and create open shelves instead (knock out the front). Teen bedroom furniture instantly!

Fancy polka dot wall decoration to jazz up the room. Use stencils or wall decals and intersperse inexpensive round mirror/dots mirror stickers (ebay) for a modern look. Swatches of fabric and wall paper in frames keeps the color scheme going!

Love the delicate flowery pattern bedding. The pastel green and pale yellow make for a bright cheerful combination! Hints of pink and accents add to make this room adorable!

Fun mix of pattern and color makes this a happy space. The reclaimed wood frames above the headboard is so quaint. Ivory walls and lots of light makes this room so inviting! Love the retro looking ottoman :)

A lovely bedroom in 'Woods' theme. Add lots of colors, it stimulates the brain but do not overdo! Brown is the base color and it anchors the various prints. Lovely memo boards, cute ladder to hold magazines!

This is such a visual delight! Lovely color combination and flowery pattern, cute girly chandelier and mirror memo board. Salvaged wood shelf is great storage idea, they frame the window perfectly!

Pretty purple and white bedroom for little girls. This basic bedroom is uplifted by the color combination. The sheer whites add a dreamy look. Love the cute bird house book shelf!

Fabulous beach themed girl's bedroom in pastels. The lovely colors pop in the neutral background. Accents and upholstery prints add cute nuances to this fun bedroom. Surf board pin board and rattan whale basket are just too cute to miss. :c)


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