Its so fascinating to see everyday objects turned into pretty accent pieces with the simple magic of creativity! There are so many beautiful things we collect with the hope of using them as decoration, all we need is a little inspiration to power our creative cells. This post has a whole collection of ideas to repurpose bird cages into fabulous accent pieces and beautiful table decorations!

Because of its unique shape bird cages can be used to hold just about anything!! Candles, flowers, little potted plants, art, jewelry and so much more! They add an old world charm, a chic style quotient to any space. You will surely be inspired to look for your own bird cage soon ;)

Holiday decoration at thrift store price! Beautiful cottage style hand crafted centerpieces for Christmas! Don't the birds made from vintage book pages add a quirky cuteness to the whole setup?!

Perfect for spring-summer! This mini garden on a platter is just the right centerpiece for an outdoor party or theme wedding. It would look absolutely cheerful on a window sill too.

These candles on suspended bird cages have almost a Gothic vibe to it. The unique shape, details of the cage are so delicate! Do not miss the juxtaposed pretty pink tulips and sombre grey carpet in this hallway.

From spring-summer to Gothic and now teen fun! Bird cages are absolutely versatile and can be used in so many decor styles. Love the cute memo card holder! Perfect for displaying jewelry and art too :c)

Since bird cages already come with hooks to hang, it makes them perfect outdoor decoration accent! Fill them with a candles and flowers in fun colors to instantly brighten up a corner. Boho pretty and functional!

What a perfectly charming flower display!! Place a small glass vase and stick flowers through the gaps to create this gorgeous centerpiece. What a lovely cage to begin with! Get hunting everyone!!

Ingenious use as a stationary holder! Whimsical and cute, it holds all the supplies so perfectly! No going back to ordinary stuff again. Love how colorful it looks, almost like a decoration in itself.

Beautiful decoration for sun rooms and patios. These lovely bird cages have been covered in vines and moss to create lovely accent pieces. French chic and understated elegance. The little bird is an adorable addition!

Find some different sized bird cages in a pet or craft store, add artificial vines and moss, cute mushroom birds and hang them with a swatch of burlap! I so heart this!!

I am so taken by the bird cage motifs. This is an amazing wall decal idea! Perfect for a floral themed bedroom. The lush purple and black, fresh feminine floral and cute bird cages make this a favorite design!

A votive filled with coffee beans and a candle, placed in a rustic ivory bird cage. A  simple setup that immediately calls for compliments! Create this on a budget, and enjoy all the admiration. Try different combinations as variations.

Easter is around the corner, this lovely Easter lunch table setting is has some beautiful details. Rustic cottage chic decor and some simple yet lovely details. Unusual bird cages as chandeliers are a cute focal point!

Another gorgeous idea to display candles in a bird cage. Imagine the many variations!!

Mirrored cage is a dramatic addition to any room. This could also be perfect for hanging/displaying jewelry in a teen room. There can be so many uses for this lovely mirror.

Gorgeous new way to hold place cards for a wedding or party! You could also get guests to write message/ wishes for the couple and present it to them as a memento. The visual impact is just so sweet!


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