Smart ideas for under the stairs storage and use. This is a unique shaped space which often goes underutilized for lack of creative ideas. Most people envision this as a storage space, but there are just so many ways you can utilize this space for a small kitchenette, book shelves etc. If you have a basement den, media room or games room, reclaim this empty space. Use this spare space for creating a more open roomy experience.

Once you see the possibilities of working with the shape and depth it would be an easy makeover! It is not just space smart but cost effective and a great way to get extra storage to organize your home better.

Perfect coat closet for the hallway or foyer. The space under the staircase is perfect! The bench with catch it all baskets is just so handy. Smart, but wish there were doors to keep it more private.

Another awesome take at closet space under the stairs. This storage space is so perfectly situated, throw in your shoes, shopping bag etc as you walk inside. LED closet lights would add to functionality.

If the space under staircase has a decent depth to it, make it into a smart little closet. Work with the shape and add high shelves and maximize the storage potential. Love this hidden storage surprise!

Most of us use basement for storage. Utilize every nook, use simple wooden frames to hold all your miscellaneous. This space would have been wasted, but now it just makes the basement more clutter free!

Another popular use of basement is as media room or den. Here the footage under stairs is make so slick and chic! Interesting shelving and easy reach makes it such a viable choice. Love!

One rule to aesthetics is to work with the shape instead of against it! This simple logic makes the staircase bookshelves streamlined and visually appealing. Contrast between dark wood and colorful book jackets almost looks like art!

Need some peaceful quite spot to collect your thoughts? Do contemplate on this design. Clever use of space and pleasing colors makes this nook into a cozy sitting area. Catch up on a book or work without any disturbance.

Different design, the shelves are recessed deep into the space. Light under the stairs add a cozy feel. The tucked away extra shelves are a good way to keep books within reach. An armchair and you have a perfect reading nook!

Innovative use of this alcove under the stairs! This little kitchenette is done in french country style and delicate colors. It would be perfect for a cottage in the countryside. Such a beauty :c)

Modern apartments are sometimes tight in space. This slim sleek yet functionally complete kitchen is an awesome innovative use of space. its aesthetically pleasing, easily accessible and yet such an example of space utilization!

Half landing staircases always have an alcove recessed under it. Most often its ignored, but creative design can transform it into such a friendly open kitchen! Imagine chatting away sitting on the stairs with amazing wafts of baking filling the air! Heaven :D

Great way to capitalize on small spaces is to push all furniture to the edges and leave the middle space of the room bare. It creates an open feel and its easier to move around. Suitable for basement, this laundry room is small in size but complete value for space.


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