History of Saint Lucie, Correctly known as "Santa Lucia" to Historians

Port Saint Lucie Florida holds much history dating back to the 1800s when our area, mostly including Fort Pierce, was used for the production of Pineapple and distributing them to the world. The land was inhabited by Seminole Indians and runaway slaves. The construction of the fort was begun on the day of the Feast of the Roman Catholic Saint Lucia.

From there the history of our city and county began. The Santa Lucia land stretched from Vero Beach to Stuart, Florida. We now call this the Treasure Coast.

Many homes throughout the counties are very old and are historical sites. Restoring them takes only a professionals touch.

Painting these homes is one of the easiest and most cost effective way to spruce up the property.

Not all homes are old however, Over the several hundred years, new homes were built and many commercial developments were built also. Now in current day, these properties all will need some maintenance whether now or in the future. 

Painting Artist, Inc would like to offer residents this rare chance to have their home re-painted with premium paint and a professional contractor in lead. 

We are a devoted family operated business making Port St Lucie Resident Homes Beautiful at affordable rates. 

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Other licensed services include:

Specialty Painting 
Interior Painting
Pressure Washing
Chemical Cleaning
Roof Cleaning - Asphalt & Tile
Driveway Cleaning/ Painting
Tile roof Painting


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Photo Credit of the www.stlucieco.gov 


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