Pressure washing is not a very technical job. However, we always come across those imitating a real professional contractor in Florida and they are NOT. Always check for business listed here.

Now the thing with pressure washing is that the person who owns the company does not have to be licensed to be a "pressure washer" but actually just a cleaner. We feel hiring a "licensed Florida" contractor to pressure wash your home is the way to go. Why? Because they actually sit down and take hour long exams to be who they are. They take pride in their work b/c they do not want to throw away that license. Your home will be in better hands with any FL Contractor like a painter, GC, roofer, Ect. These guys you can trust.

At Painting Artist, Inc. our pressure washing services come hand in hand with painting so we pressure wash EVERY day! We know pressure washing! As a licensed Local Florida Contractor we take serious pride in all our work.

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