To all homeowners, painting is a big time investment for their home. It is our job as professional painting contractors to explain to each of our customers what quality paint will do for them. As painters we know that using better quality paints allows the project to have a better surface finish, longer lasting finish, and over-all a better appearance to the homeowners.
Well not everyone is on the same page when  it comes to quality paint versus cheap paint. Good quality paint is overall made better with better ingredients for a better performance! Quality paint spreads smoother over surfaces, making application simple and easy. Purchasing quality paint will last you longer guaranteed. No one likes paint peeling off the wall!
If you are looking for the best paint job for your home or office, Painting Artist, Inc. recommends spending a little more money for something that will make you happier. We sit down with each customer and explain the difference in the types of paints we use for residential homes in PSL, Florida. It makes a big difference in having the right paint for your style. The ever-lasting finish will be an easy conversation starter at all your next parties. Contact us for a Free paint service and color consultation, 772-626-7159.


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