Fence restoration is a fast and inexpensive way to add more curb appeal to any Florida Home.

The process of restoring your fence depends on the surface material. For example is it wood, pvc, metal,  or stone. 

Most homeowners choose the wood fence add it is cheap and good looking. Unfortunately in Florida humidity destroys the surfaces of wooden fences. The humidity guarantees mold growth on other popular fence choices like the pvc fencing. 

Pressure Washing using a soft wash or chemical clean eliminates the mold from growing and completely cleans the surface free of dirt or grime. 

Painting Artist, Inc. is a professional fence restoration company. We pressure wash your fence surfaces and then have the ability to freshly paint the fence to have a new appearance if the customer selects that option. 

Call or office today if you need advice on restoring your fence or if you require a contractor to perform the service for you. Our estimates are fast and free, (772) 626-7159.


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