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How to Paint Soffits on your Home - Port St. Lucie Painter Gives Basic Steps

Soffit Painting

What is a Soffit?

Soffits are the underneath part of the overhang on your roof edges. It does not matter if the soffits are painted the same color as the home or a completely different accent shade. The taste of the homeowner makes the difference.

Easy to Follow Steps to Paint your Home's Soffits:

  1. Be sure you can reach the area needed to be painted. This is very important. If you can not afford the ladder or step stool or find any other way to reach the soffits- DO NOT TRY TO PAINT THEM. That would be completely pointless. The after result of your painting work may be worse than if you would have just left it alone. SO be sure you can comfortably reach the soffits to be painted with either a ladder or larger step-stool. Heights of soffits range according to the size of the home.
  2. Remove any loose or chipping paint from the soffits. You need a clean and smooth surface to paint to be sure no defects or bumps will show. Consistency of texture is key. Using sand paper is a good way to remove the paint existing.
  3. You are ready to paint! When purchasing your paint, always speak with the sales representatives to understand what product is best for your home. 

Hiring a Professional

Many homeowners do not have the time to paint their own soffits or lack the right materials needed to get the job done right. In these cases they should call a local licensed painter who can handle the paint job. Yo will be much happier with the end finishes. 

These dirty Soffits can not be Painted Over until Cleaned

Clean & Ready to be Painted

If you require assistance in Painting your Soffits, call Painting Artist, Inc today 772-626-7159.


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