How to Pressure Wash and Clean your Chicago Brick Surfaces Safely?

Pressure Washing is the fastest way to clean your Chicago Brick Surfaces. At Painting Artist, Inc we are providing you a short demo video as shown below to give you an idea of how simple the technique of using a scrubber head is. Scrubber heads are highly recommended to use when cleaning brick or concrete surfaces. This piece of equipment provides the best quality clean at the fastest rate of time.

This scrubber head is very safe to use on your brick surfaces as it only literally glides across the surfaces. The high pressure of water coming out underneath helps maneuver the scrubber head gracefully. There are bristles around the bottom edge of the scrubber head ensuring all grime and dirt is removed.

Following the scrubber head, we typically use our wand to sweep away any left over dirt, debris, sticks, gravel, or water sitting in place.

If your in need of help pressure washing or cleaning your brick surfaces, call our office today, 772-626-7159.


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