The report was released this morning that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, after hearing the voices of the people cry out for help to save our lagoon, will continue to release the toxic water that runs into our Indian River Lagoon.

This morning the lake was estimates to be 16' feet and water still pouring into the lagoon.

For those who are not aware- The Indian River Lagoon has the highest scale of biodiversity in the U.S.!

There are approximately 3,200 manatees in Florida and in the past year there has been 100 manatees reported dead in our lagoon from toxic water. What will the number be in December?
 Dolphins are one of the lagoons most beautiful creature- 51 found dead from the lagoon toxins this year alone!

Please let's pull together and try to help those in charge see the urgency and what truly matters in the end, our water that we play in each day. Not the sugar cane crops and other crops that would be destroyed if the run-off water stopped.

You ca find more information through this link on wptv.

Here is the link to the video of the meeting with the US Army Corps of Engineers,


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