What is mildew? 

Mildew is a mold, a mold that can attack most surfaces like wood, porous concrete, paper, linens. To give you a better idea of mildew on homes is to imagine those dirty spots on the outside of your home, roof, or patios.

High humidity is necessary for the mildew and mold growth, and there is plenty of that here in Florida! We have serious amounts of rainfall at this time of year (summer) which is fuel to the fire.

Mildew is very unpleasant to look at and sometimes carries a fowl smell. Sounds embarrassing right? Well you can easily get rid of this nasty mildew on your home, roof, driveway, patios, fences, and docks by pressure washing the surfaces. In some cases the customer will request a chlorine mixture to be added to the water to ensure the mold spores from incubating next spring.

Contact our offices today to have your home pressure washed to eliminate those mold spores on your exterior surfaces and prevent mildew from coming back.



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