Paradise is all around us , Yes, in Florida. But sometimes it may be lacking in some areas. What we mean is for example You're walking along the perfect beach on the Treasure Coast but the board walk your walking on is so disgusting you have to wear shoes. That's where your paradise is lacking.

Living in Florida, our backyards can easily become our private piece of Paradise. If it is lacking, we can hep you achieve what out of your back yard.

Let us paint your picture of what you may be dealing with.

You "fenced" in back yard immediate is a mood killer by that green/ brown / black staining. It does not even look wood any more huh? Our fix is to easily pressure wash away all that fungus, algae, mold, and grime away leaving behind a nearly brand new appearance!

Next lets talk about your patio or concrete slab. It is probably black from the dirt and grass surrounding it, flower beds running off their drain waters, your mold roof draining its filthy water constantly, traffic, furniture, weathering, mold, algae, and many other things.
Pressure washing these surfaces are a breeze and are very affordable at Painting Artist, Inc. 

How about that screen enclosure? With all the different natural elements in Florida is wears down on your screen patio, making it look old, used, and perhaps dirty with grime and mold. Pressure washing these screen enclosures are popular here in Florida. It takes the right equipment to get the job done right. 

Not every homeowner understands the importance in pressure washing their homes. The mold growing on your roof and exterior walls is harmful to your health and the health of the home. Removing the mold, algae, and grim is simple with a chemical wash that kills all spores of any growth and prevents it for just over a year. 

Lastly, your roof. Pressure wash or chemically treat your roof at the first sin of black growth! This is a dangerous algae that leads to health problems like allergies. Having a dirty roof is very unpleasant to guests and neighbors especially. Who wants to stare at a dirty roof? Definitely not something you want in your paradise.

If you need help finding paradise in your backyard, call Painting Artist, Inc. 772-626-7159.

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